14 February, 2017: Stupid Hacker

Oi you, hacker.

Why are you bothering to put your illiterate, pointless mark all over my modest little blog?

This is a quiet hobby, and I take a few hours out of my life every few days to dilute a century of misinformation and nationalist propaganda.  Almost nobody reads it, and it’s not going to help you sell whatever cheap, black market drug you’re peddling.  As it is I’m having to spend a while every day removing and replacing your childish graffiti, and in the end your only achievement will be to stop me bothering.

Given that you appear to have Middle Eastern connections, you might try reading some of it instead, maybe get to know a bit of your own history and develop some intellectual self-respect.

Of course, you may well be a robot, in which case there’s nothing much I can do except trawl through all my security protocols, update them and hope for the best – but if you’re a human, do yourself a favour and stop wasting both our time.

Oh and, FYI, you might find the sales pitch goes better if you learn to write the kind of English people can understand.  I happen to run a small but very efficient editing and proofreading service, and I’m sure we can work out a reasonable price – in a currency of your choice – for me to turn your embarrassing gibberish into solid commercial copy.  Feel free to contact me about that, but try doing it through the comments section…

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